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Our Bonuses

Early Bird Bonus Early Bird Bonus
Get the most out of your contribution!

The crowdfunding will be split in three five-day periods. The first two give you an opportunity to get an additional amount of beryls.

If you donate during the first period, you will get additional 20% of beryls. If you donate during the second period, you will get additional 15% of beryls. During the third period, there are no bonus beryls. For example, a contribution corresponding to 10 000 beryls will earn you 12 000 beryls in total for the first period, and 11 500 for the second.
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Referral Program Referral Program
Bring your friends to join the crowdfunding, and get even more beryls. Once you register on the site, you will get your own referral links and visuals which you can put as signatures on social media or post directly on any forum and site.

Simply put, as a referrer you will get 15% beryls on top of the beryls given to your referees (the people who joined the crowdfunding using your links/visuals). For example, if a referee of yours gets 10 000 beryls, you will get 1 000 beryls for that. That’s a great deal!
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About the App

Making your dating experience real

What make us unique:

Gamified dating Gamified dating

Dating gamified

Dating is a marvelous game! It should be fun and entertaining, and ensure you have a great time. Somewhere along the way though, most of that was lost in the current dating apps. Our focus is to bring back the excitement, thrill and enjoyment of the dating game.
Blockchain gifts Blockchain gifts

Blockchain gifts

Using blockchain-based tokens is vital for our app and our vision for its future. It will allow for the introduction of a special segment of the app, based on beryls, and the unique functionality they will unlock. Using beryls will allow users to enjoy the app in a completely innovative way.
Appealing to all Appealing to all

Appealing to all

Most dating apps are not equally appealing to men and women, judging by the users’ gender ratio and age preferences. This means that the current dating apps are not serving the purpose they were designed for. Beryl dating will try to change that, so that everyone gets a real shot at finding what they are looking for.
Monetizing activities Monetizing activities

Monetizing activities

The driving forces behind the usage of the current dating apps vary, but the apps rarely satisfy their audience. Let’s be realistic – money is a common language, spoken by everybody. In our app, we’ll pay special attention to combining the dating game with the app’s beneficial aspect.
Stop time waste Stop time waste

Stop wasting time

A vast majority of the people who tried out the current dating apps are annoyed with how slow and time-consuming the communication and interaction with other people are. Our goal is to speed things up, so that the thrill and excitement of being in touch with somebody special stay alive.

The Team

Dobromir Boyadzhiev
dobromir boyadzhiev
Aleksander Dimitrov
Aleksander Dimitrov
Blagomir Petrov
Blagomir Petrov
Technical Advisor
Tihomir Tomov
Tihomir tomov
Technical Advisor


Roadmap Roadmap
ICO start
$ 300 000
iOS and Android app. Launch in 3 countries.
$ 1 000 000
Large online marketing campaign in 10 countries. Premium features.
$ 2 500 000
Large online marketing campaign in 25 countries. Rewards for real life activities.
$ 6 000 000
Aggressive global online marketing campaign. Token based gifts.